Sunday, March 4, 2012

and then there was you

In the name of Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful..

it was a long time i was not here
but still my feet step on the same earth
breathing under the same sky
for almost a month.

right at this moment,i think i'm crazy enough
my head spining around everyday
there's nothing can help
because my love towards dakwaah and tarbiyyah have totally grow!

All of the good memories in tarbiyyah freeze
they cant be erased
and they dont melt.

The touch of tarbiyyah so soft that i love to have them forever.

you're the medicine when i'm in pain
you never leave me because you worry about me.
i just dont have enough fingers to count
all the things that remind me of you.

i promise i will never let you go because you act so soft to me:')

note1 : this is my first time、maybe
i don't 'futur' over the holiday
i make myself busy with all the books
i get myself involved with dakwaah and tarbiyyah.

note2 : a great big thanks to 'kakak-kakak' for taking care of me
and special appreciation to 'adik-adik' for being my strength
and to all akhwat,
i missed to be with everyone on jaulah (cemburu sangat>.<'')
but i just optimist
maybe Allah,the one that put my first priority here
our real 'medan perjuangan', Malaysia.
sorry to everyone because i have not been here for quite sometime.
(asyik bergerak sana sini+hari tue internet kurang baik)^^


snoppy said...

as salam.nice post cik syafa

syafa mohamed said...

waalaikumusalam wbt cutie snoopy..^^