Saturday, September 10, 2011

Jatuh tak salah,tak bangun yang salah

In the name of Allah,Most Gracious Most Merciful..

Dalam hidup..segala-galanya masih dalam kesamaran..
kita hanya merancang..
tapi,Allah jua yang menentukan..
kerana esok,adik-adikku..
Esok sebenarnya harapan..
Walaupun samar..namun jalannya terbentang luas..
Wahai hati yang tenang..
tangisan semalam adalah KESEDIHAN..
tangisan hari ini.. 
adalah KENYATAAN..
Biarkan tangisan semalam menjadi pengajaran..
buat menempuh hari yang bakal mendatang..

Cabarlah diri untuk menghadapi ujian, bukan lari dari ujian. Orang yang kuat ialah mereka yang dapat menghadapi ujian, berjaya atau tidak itu kemudian kira, yang penting kita menghadapinya dahulu.

Juga,jaga hubungan dengan manusia dan hubungan dengan Allah. Hablu minannas, wa Hablu minallah;) 

“Aku mengadu kepada Imam Waki’ mengenai buruknya hafalanku;beliau memberi petunjuk kepadaku agar meninggalkan maksiat; Beliau berkata : Ketahuilah bahawa ilmu itu cahaya;sedangkan cahaya Allah tidak mungkin diberikan kepada mereka yang melakukan maksiat”
-Imam Syafie-

Salam imtihan untuk EJU akan datang buat adik2 AAJ..
Moga kejayaan itu diberkati dan diredhai Allah..

Thursday, September 8, 2011

new breathe of mine

In the name of Allah,Most Gracious Most Merciful

It has been a while since my last post. I have been writing and deleting,simultaneously. Afwan for my weakness, for having no good idea to share. Its not either i'm not putting my effort to write or else but i have been worried if my words did harm people. Always try to write my best,biiznillah.

Beautify your grave not your face.
Allah has already written the names of your spouses for you. What you need to work on is your relationship with Allah.
7 people will be under God's shade when they'll be no other shade.. A man seduced by a woman of rank & beauty, but says, "I fear Allah".
 If you want a Khadijah, you gotta be a Muhammad.-Boonaa Mohammed
Don't be Proud of your talent for the sinful deeds which push you deeper in Fire.
We don't need to beautify islam, it has its natural beauty, We also don't need to polish it, it has its natural sparkle. Yes, we have to undo the contamination we have put upon it.
so give importance on what does ALLAH (subhana wa ta'ala) want, not what do you want.
 Everyone says that one day they will change, but so did the one's who are now in their graves.
Women should not be the moon which everyone see uncovered, but women should be the sun which makes eyes bow down before seeing it. That is the whole purpose of Hijab
Happiness keeps you sweet.
Trials keeps you strong.
Sorrow keeps you human.
Failure keeps you humble.
Success keeps you glowing.
 Love people blindly, and they will become your greatest weakness. Love ALLAH unconditionally, and ALLAH will be your invincible strength.
Only life worth is Fisabilillah (For the sake of Allah).
Respect your elders as they have more good deeds than you and love the young ones as they have less sins than you.
The Qur'an is the only medicine you can never overdose on.
The sign that Allah Ta'ala has befriended a man is that He involves him in activities which are beneficial for him (in this world and the Hereafter), and He saves him from things which are futile and harmful. [Hadhrat Ma'roof Karkhi Rahmathullahi ‘alaihi]
There are hundreds of languages in the world, but a smile speaks them all. So smile, its sunnah.
You have only got chance in this life, so turn to Allah and ask for His Guidance and Forgiveness. Start Now, for you may die tomorrow.
Don't depend too much on anyone in this world because even your own shadow leaves you when you are in darkness.
-Ibn Taymiyyah Rahmathullahi alaihi-
Wash your heart everyday with solat, then warm it up with zikir.
Allah always has 3 replies to our prayers: 1).YES, 2).YES but not now, 3).I have a BETTER plan for you. There's never a NO!
The Qur’an breaks hard hearts and heals broken hearts.
Five things you can't recover in life: Stone after thrown, Word after said, Occasion after missed, Time after wasted, Trust after lost.
Be prepared for Maut. When it arrives, it never returns. -Hadhrat Shaqeeq Balkhi Rahmathullahi 'alaihi-
I was married to dunia(jahiliyyah). Alhamdulillah, now in the process of divorcing:')

take it!'Islam as your way of life'. New breathe of me, you and everyone.